SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS NMIMS SEP 2021 - Given below is a piece of conversation between Shirin _ the freshly appointed sales manager and her colleague Bob, the team leader


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Business Communication

1. As a communication analyst you are asked to analyze the non-verbal aspect of communication in a group discussion amongst college students in a Business School. On which parameters would you judge the candidates? Explain in detail. (10 Marks)

2. Given below is a piece of conversation between Shirin – the freshly appointed sales manager and her colleague Bob, the team leader. Analyze the conversation in the context of 7 Cs of communication. (10 Marks)

[Hint: Referring to all the Cs for effective communication, you are required to highlight
The missing attributes of effective communication in the given scenario. Also suggest the Ways in which the ineffectiveness could be avoided. ]

Shirin: “Hi everyone. This is my first day.”

Bob: “Hi Shirin. Let me introduce you to the team. This is Shyam- the late-comer, she is
Shiela- the procrastinator, here is Ram- the fault finder, this is Myra- miss perfectionist and this is Hari- the know-it-all. We have a small team. We have been working on a project and you have been hired in place of Riddhi who has been promoted. In the last project our team could not win the best team award and all thanks to Shiela who could not complete her task in time. It is understood that you will take up the responsibility which was allocated to Riddhi earlier. Our last project was to create healthcare software for Mediline Pvt Ltd. Do make yourself available for the detailed orientation on Friday.”

Shirin: “Thank you Bob. It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I hope to gel well and make a good team member.”

Bob: “This is not a place for making friends and relationships. So, forget about friendship and focus on the task give to you. See you on Friday”

3. Read the following case carefully and answer the given questions

JPG Tech a leading software company has been in business for 25 years. Two years back
The owner and CEO Mr. Daljeet Brar took a voluntary retirement passing his powers to his younger son Man preet Brar. Ever since Manpreet joined as a CEO he has been making rampant amendments in every field be it employment policies, salary structures, appraisal policies, leave policies. In the last one year there have been multiple resignations and layoffs at every level. This has led to new faces in higher management who do not dare to oppose any decision made by Manpreet. At lower levels also many employees who had been with the company for more than 10 years have been told to leave and new people have been appointed in their place at much lower salary. Manpreet justifies this in the name of cost cutting. He feels that younger employees are more efficient and would be able to give greater output. He claims that the steps taken by him would ensure the raise in company’s turnover and profit. However, he did not keep in mind the probability of resistance from the employee union. On 1st December when Manpreet reached his office, he was surprised to find all the employees gathered outside the gate to protest the hostile work conditions and a great number of terminations over the past year. Manpreet did not pay much heed to it and thought that things would resume to normal in a couple of days. The strike continued for a week. The company was losing a lot. The board decided to talk to the union leader. The union leader kept the employees’ terms and conditions to call off the strike. Some of the demands were

• framing new and employee-friendly policies
• Including the voices of workforce in policymaking
• Flat 25 % rise in salaries of all the employees.
• Raised overtime rates.

Manpreet was not ready to accept anything. He dismissed the union leader and blocked the payment of salaries. This further enraged the employees. Now the employees were not ready to communicate. They insisted that any communication would not occur unless Manpreet steps down from his position. This was an unreasonable demand. At this point Daljeet Singh intervened as the matter had become very sensitive. Envisioning a huge loss that the company would bear if the current scenario prevailed, he advised for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

a. What are the possible ADR Techniques that could be taken by JPG Tech to solve the Conflict? Explain them in about 80-100 words each. Also, conclude by suggesting your
Opinion about the best ADR strategy that could be used in this case. (5 Marks)

b. Had Manpreet agreed to negotiate with the Union leader in the first instance, which Negotiation strategies would be used? Explain each one. Also conclude by suggesting The best Negotiation strategy in this case justifying your choice. (5 Marks)

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