NMIMS SEP 2021 SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS - What IT and digital tools will you be using while conducting the market research and why


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International Marketing

1. ABC India ltd who is manufacturer of Indian made sauces (chutneys) which are good for health and can be served as add on with food. They have recruited you as global marketing manager and assigned a task to your team of 10 members with marketing background to research the potential countries where ABC India can export.
a) What steps will you follow in order to conduct the Market Research with respect to specific product category?
b) How will you as marketing head, plan the research task, search for the potential countries and best Exporters in shortlisted potential countries? What will be the parameters of selecting the best exporter?
c) What IT and digital tools will you be using while conducting the market research and why?
2. ABC Corporation is trading company dealing with consumer durable products which import from china and exports to UK market.
a. Kindly suggest the various aspects related to import and export which can impact the service levels to the clients in UK?
3. XYZ Inc headquartered in New Zealand deals with premium quality sparkling water which is good and healthy for consumer as certified by international standards. XYZ has appointed you as their International Marketing Manager with sole objective of becoming the leader in India in mineral water industry. XYZ aims to be leader brand by consumer choice in India by end of 3rd year from the start of operation. India market is already experiencing organized and unorganized players selling significant volume of mineral water. It is estimated that there are 3000 organized and 12000 unorganized sellers in India. There are more than 6,000 licensed water bottling setups under BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and uncountable unorganized mineral water companies in India. There are around 150 domestic Indian bottled water brands in the market today. The key brands in India are Bisleri, Kinley, Bailey, Aquafina, Himalayan, Rail Neer, Oxyrich, Vedica and Tata Water Plus. West India contributes to 40%, followed by south India 30% and north India 20% and east the lowest 10% Packaging units varies from 200ml plastic pouch to 200 ml bottle, 500ml bottle to 1 and 2 liter bottle. Pricing range for 200ml bottle starts from With respect to the objective of XYZ, and degree of involvement and cost required to be leading brand of India in next 3 years, what mode of expansion will your prefer and why?
a) Export
b) Licensing
c) Contract manufacturing
d) Joint Venture
e) Equity stake or acquisition (5 Marks)

b. What will be your pricing strategy? Which framework will you consider and why to decide the pricing? What will be your pricing strategy to combat the unorganized market or gray market pricing?

For Nmims Assignment Solution Contact
[email protected]
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