NMIMS PLAGIARIZED ASSIGNMENTS - Should Mr. Sharma drop prices of the brand SPARK If not what alternative does he has


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Sales Management

1. What is your understanding of Product Related Policies? Please advise a company manufacturing and selling Cosmetics on new product development. (10 Marks)

2. Mr. Verma, who comes from a technical background, has started a new business of manufacturing Pharmaceuticals products, please help him in preparing his Sales targets and sales budgets. Keep in view the market segments he wants to cater. (10 Marks)

3. Case Study
Mr. Sharma of Spark Detergent was a worried person; another competitor had launched a special pack of a Detergent with a very competitive price and very aggressive advertisement and Sales promotion schemes. The flagship brand of the company SPARK was taking a beating in the market and sales were going down. The company Spark is an old company existing for more than 60 years and has a strong brand equity in the market. The products of the company are well known and command a premium and have a niche place in the market. There are also other products like Soaps, Shampoos and other consumer goods the company offers. The new company does not have the wide range of products Spark has but is strong on raw materials buying and thus offers very low prices to attract customers; this according to Mr. Sharma is their biggest strength. Mr. Sharma is sitting in his office trying to find a new marketing strategy to regain the lost market share

a. Please help Mr. Sharma in his endeavor to regain the lost share and increase brand equity. (5 Marks)

b. Should Mr. Sharma drop prices of the brand SPARK? If not what alternative does he has? (5 Marks)

For answersheets contact
[email protected]
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