MBA IIBMS ANSWER SHEETS - What are the objectives of incentives


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1) Section - A is Compulsory.
2) Attempt any Four questions from Section - B.

Section – A
a) What is the significance of human resource management in the present business environment?

b) What do you mean by job analysis?

c) What is the purpose of induction?

d) What is the need for job rotation?

e) What is meant by career planning?

f) Distinguish between structured and unstructured interviews.

g) What is human resource development?

h) What are the objectives of incentives?

i) Differentiate between wages and salary.

j) What is meant by employee empowerment?

Section – B

Q2) What kind of new trends in human resource development have taken place as a result of globalization and technological advancement? Discuss.

Q3) What is job specification? How is it different from job description? Explain with the help of a specimen how is it prepared?

Q4) What is the importance of selection? Briefly explain the process of selection.

Q5) Discuss the benefits of promotion. Should it be based on seniority or merit? Give reasons

Q6) Discuss the need for training in an industrial organization. Explain the various types of training programs prevalent in the industry.

Q7) What is the significance of performance appraisal in an organization. Explain the criteria to be used for measurement of performance.

For Assignment Solution Contact
[email protected]
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