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Assignment Solutions, Case study Answer sheets
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Business Analytics

Multiple choice:

I. In business intelligence allows huge data and reports to be read in a single graphical interface

a) Reports
c) Dashboard
d) Warehouse

III. What makes BI 2.0 different?

a) Dynamic querying of real-time corporate data
b) Unstructured data is taken care of
c) Both a and b
d) Semi structured data is taken care of

V. What is the use of Temporal and sequential patterns analysis technique of BI?

a) Trend and deviation
b) sequential patterns
c) Identify relationships between attributes
d) Both a and b

II. Down ward communication flows from to .

a) Upper to lower
b) Lower to upper
c) Horizontal
d) Diagonal

IV. Which of the following are benefits or use of BI?

a) With BI, firms can identify their most profitable customers
b) Quickly detect warranty-reported problems to minimize the impact of
c) Data mining
d) Both a and b

VI. What is the purpose of Read Contingent access right?
a) allows members of the role to read from the object
b) allows members of the role to read a cell value only if the user can access all the cells from which the value is derived
c) provides Read access for any cells specified by this permission that are not derived from other cells
d) Both b and c

VII. Can an instance of Analysis Services contain multiple databases?
a) Yes
b) No

VIII. What is the use of Analysis Services Execute DDL task?
a) create, drop, or alter mining models
b) Assign permissions and roles
c) create, drop, or alter cubes and dimensions
d) Both a and c

XI. The Analysis Services Processing task can be used to process which of the following objects?
a) Cubes
b) dimensions
c) mining models
d) All of the above

X. The Analysis Services Processing task can process only analytic objects created by using the SQL Server tools
a) True
b) False
Part Two:
1. What Is Business Analysis? (5)
2. Who Uses The Output Produced By Business Analyst? (5)
3. What Is The Difference Between Data Model And An Entity Relationship Diagram? (5)
4. Mention The Components Of Uml? (5)

Section B: Caselets (40 marks)
Caselet 1
A major telecom provider became mired in too much data and not enough insight. Even a simple business question could take weeks or months to answer. The organization’s previous attempts to leverage big data had been costly and inefficient; they needed help getting started in a way that could be scaled to broader company-wide initiatives. The company’s leadership wanted to improve decision making by using big data and advanced analytics in an efficient, cost-effective way.
Analytics capabilities were spread across the company—each business had its own data analysts and technologies. This disconnected organizational structure meant that data and insights were not shared across business units and many efforts were duplicated. The analysts, however, did have one thing in common: their biggest challenge was getting fast access to the big data and gaining business-relevant insights from it.
When analysts requested data from various internal sources and vendors, it arrived— sometimes weeks later— with inconsistent formats and missing data definitions. Time-consuming cleansing was needed before analysis could begin. A plethora of siloed tools and data environments made analysis tasks difficult to execute and share. With analytics-related expenses running into the millions—of which two-thirds was spent outside IT—leaders expected timely, reliable, and actionable insights for running the business. Something had to change.
1. What are the challenges faced by the telecom company; quote them in analytics terminology? (10)

2. What could be the possible solution you would give as consultant? (10)

Caselet 2
For one major retailer, the gap between visitors to the site and completed purchases was widening. A growing number of consumers were losing interest in following the digital maze required to locate and purchase the products they were seeking. As a result, the retailer was having an increasingly difficult time converting online customer visits into sales.
“We were constantly making changes to our website and offering special online promotions, but we found that some changes were having an opposite impact on sales than we were expecting,” the company’s director of marketing explained. “It seemed like one step forward often meant taking two steps backward.”
1. What would you suggest this company? (10)
2. What are the type of Analytics Company can use and how? (10)

Section C: Applied Theory (30 marks)
1. Does The Business Analyst Interact With Clients Directly? If So State The Reason For The Same? (15)
2. What Can A Business Analyst Do Differently Than Project or Program Manager (design Architect) With Respect To Successfully Getting The Project Implementation Done? (15)

Assignment Solutions, Case study Answer sheets
Project Report and Thesis contact
[email protected]
ARAVIND – 09901366442 – 09902787224

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